Dizplai Launches New Creative Agency

February 6, 2024 9:00 am

Dizplai Creative is a new ‘active content’ creative agency, focused on driving greater audience engagement and brand value through content innovation and technology.
Dizplai is the trusted partner of sports rights holders, brands and broadcasters across the globe, known for creating solutions for live content creators to engage with their audiences. The new agency will focus on ensuring brands maximise the effectiveness of their content and transform passive views and impressions into active engagement whilst delivering data, insight and loyalty.
Commenting on the announcement, Dizplai’s CEO, Ed Abis, said, “We believe that passive attention metrics and basic digital awareness are ineffective ways for marketers to measure the success of their campaigns. Audiences want more and are ready to engage in content more meaningfully. The investment brands, rights holders and broadcasters are making in content needs to show a stronger return, in the form of participation, true attention and engagement and ultimately sales.”

Over the last 12 months Dizplai has grown exponentially and our partners are seeing the benefits of interactive, data driving content. Dizplai Creative will empower more brands to get value from this approach, bringing a tech agnostic view to the creative process that focuses on the right idea, the right value and the right technology to bring it all to life.”

Dizplai Creative’s team includes Steve Munachen (Creative Director), Harry Macey (Business Director) and Koby Geddes (Digital and Content Director), a trio with experience working across multiple creative, social and digital audience engagement companies. Steve Munachen has over a decade’s experience as a creative director, working at agencies specialising in sports (Pitch and Dark Horses), video games (ADVNCR), content technology (Push Live) and FMCG (Ogilvy). Koby Geddes led the digital and content teams at Betway and West Ham United, before joining CSM as a senior content director and ADVNCR as head of creative strategy. Harry Macey has extensive creative technology experience, as the former Head of Sales at Grabyo and Sales Director at Dizplai, before joining ADVNCR as the commercial director, where he, Geddes and Munachen formed their working partnership before leaving to start Dizplai Creative.

Steve Munachen added, “We’re excited to work with progressive clients and create innovative campaigns that both brands and audiences love. When people are engaging, participating and being recognised and rewarded for their true attention everyone wins. Interactivity drives insight and data, allowing brands to understand their audience better, migrating ‘viewers’ from TikTok, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram into owned channels and databases, giving them more access and more control, without having to rely on the platform gatekeepers.”