Content is bamboo, consumers are pandas

February 9, 2024 10:34 am

Have you ever tried to get the attention of a panda? No matter how hard you scream, jump and flail-about they barely open an eye, and they barely make a move.

Instead they spend most of their waking days eating, moving from one bamboo plant to the next, lost in their own lackadaisical thoughts, chomping away, oblivious to everything around them.

For us, Pandas are a metaphor for the modern digital audience, doom-scrolling from one piece of content to the next – swiping up down, left and right, getting hit with a few moments of entertainment before searching out for their next fix.

Screen time for consumers, like bamboo for pandas, creates a passive attention vortex that is hard to escape.

Over the last decade digital content has become ubiquitous and likes, impressions and views have become our validation. Brands, creators, influencers, rights holders and everyone else contributing to the global content library, are chasing those metrics, hoping to justify their creativity and get acknowledgement for their work.

Content is expensive, both in time, brain power and production. And audiences are gate kept, maintained at arm’s length by the platforms such as Meta, Google, TikTok and Amazon, allowing you access, but only at a price.

We believe that this needs to change. We need to create content campaigns that don’t just feed the beast, but instead inspire that beast to act. We need to deliver true value from our creativity, transforming views into true attention and meaningful return on investment.

Content shouldn’t be measured in partisan metrics, graphs and CPM figures. It should be measured in data acquisition, loyalty and sales.

This is Active Content.

Active Content drives measurable, valuable engagement, and empowers content owners, channels and even traditional broadcasters to motivate their audiences to participate and act in a way far beyond the casual click.

Using the latest creative technology tools, we develop campaigns that trigger behaviour, aiming to inspire audiences to branch out of the platform’s grasp, and share, influence, interact, win, purchase, shout and celebrate in more advanced ways.

Active Content gives audiences opportunities to contribute, create, give their opinions, vote, adapt, personalise and own campaigns, and in return content owners and creators get to know their audience better, by integrating data acquisition, incentivising loyalty and sign-ups and by instigating real-time sales.

If a panda is a metaphor for the modern audience, then the active panda is the icon for Dizplai Creative.

You’ll see the panda pop-up across our website, our socials and in our presentations. If we can get a panda engaged, then we can most definitely help you capture the true attention of any audience.